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Multifunctional library and study facility

This project is financially supported by Impulsis and the city of Utrecht.

We are looking for sponsors who are willing to finance the remaining ten thousand euro to built this library.
  Angroka Secondary / High School has over 2,300 students and 60 teachers. The school is located in the Tramkok district, one of the poorest areas in Takeo province in Cambodia. We want to improve the quality of teaching at this school, so that the students' results of the final exam increase and cons2011, we built an extension of this high school: a new building with five classrooms. A year later we built 24 toilets and a water pump powered by solar energy .

What's the problem?

Especially in rural areas in Cambodia the quality of public education is poor. Teachers are not trained adequately, teaching materials and facilities are insufficient. At Angroka school there is a small room with a few stacks of children's books which serves as a library for 2200 students. Both students and teachers have no teaching materials and virtually no opportunity to broaden their knowledge and to share information. 

Angroka Highschool is the only high school in the region and many children have cycle far to go to school every day. They cannot go home at noon because they live too far away and hang around idle for the day. There is nothing to do and there are only a few shady spots in the sand under a tree. The students live in primitive huts and at 18:00 hrs it is dark. Since they have no electricity it is almost impossible for them to make their homework. A library with a study area would solve a lot of problems because the students would have a place to study at midday and spend their time usefully.

Plan of action : multifunctional library

The library building will be used as :

-       Library for the whole community

-       Study place for students and teachers

-       Meeting space for teachers (there is no meeting center in the entire district)

-       Space for exam preparation and training

-       Research Area for preventive research students by ophthalmologist (Eye Hospital Caritas)

-       Knowledge and Information Centre (eg: HIV - AIDS, hygiene)

-       Cultural space for dance and art

Teachers, students and residents can use the library. The books in the library will be both English and Khmer textbooks, encyclopedias and other books (second-hand). English books will be shipped from The Netherlands. In order to improve the results of the examinations there will be extra exam prep courses by teachers in the library.


Of course, computers are indispensable to seek information and to acquire knowledge. Once the library is well furnished and the use of the material is carefully monitored, our foundation will also set up a small computer project for the school. The realization of the multi-purpose library will reduce the number of drop-outs, since the school with this study facility will be very attractive for the students. This will reduce the number of early school leavers.

In addition, the building will have a social function for the entire community.

If a child enjoys going to school, it develops better and its performance will improve. 

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