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Scholarships project

The level of public education in Cambodia is downright bad. Although Government schools are officially free of charge, children do pay the teachers, otherwise they are simply ignored. The poor children often come no further than a few years of elementary school.
Even the students from the poor families who manage to successfully complete highschool, can not continue studying because their parents cannot pay their follow-up study. The result is that the girls are usually forced to work in one of the many textile factories, households or marry at a young age.
For these talented students from poor families, our Foundation has set up a scholarship project. If they can follow higher education, thus improving their chances on the labour market for a better job, they have better future prospects. 

Thanks to the financial support of the scholarship sponsors these students received a scholarship.


sponsor student faculty study
Dick van der Pol Nita Kim University of health Medicine
Lydie van Ierssel Srey Pich Norton University Hotel Management
Eric Verkuill Rat Hin Norton University Business Management
Anna Verkuil Srey Pov Norton University Business Administration
University Maastricht Kunthea Norton University Business Administration
Connie v.d. Valk Samoeuny Norton University Hotel Management
Wil v.d. Valk Sarom Norton University Computer Communication
Paul Le Marquand Sang Norton University Business Administration
Toke Dekker Khemrin Norton University Electrical Electronic Engineering
Rotary Tervuren Raksmey S Norton University Business Management
Bart Breederveld Raksa Norton University Architecture
Sophie Kramer Soklin Norton University Hotel Management
Wolter Kymmell Chanthy Norton University Business Administration
Rotary Oosterhout Chantha Norton University Hotel Management
Eva Verkui Saran Norton University Hotel Management
  Srey Mom Norton University Hotel Management
  Reaksmey L Norton University Business Administation
  Mony Institut de Technologie Civil engineer
Graduated 2014      
Rotary Tervuren Chantou St. Paul Institute English
Rotary Tervuren Sovann St. Paul Institute English
Graduated 2015      
Wil Bruinsma Leap St. Paul Institute English
Wil Bruinsma Theary St. Paul Institute English


Structural aid for 12 disadvantaged families

We build together with the local population to new housing (shacks), so the families with most distressing situation a roof over their head. We give the children a school uniform, a bike, a bag and books, so that they can attend school. In consultation with those concerned we search for a means of subsistence for families so that these people be self-reliant and not to in length of days depend. We put together with them a small-scale businesses and offer practical education to our educational farm.
This project is funded by Foundation Charity Fund for ING klein


Sanitation and water pump on solar energy for the Angroka high school

In 2011 is by our Foundation a new school building with 5 classrooms. It is the 9th building of the Angroka Secondary and High school. This school counts this year over 2300 students, however for the whole school is only 1 toilet available giving the students their needs in the rice fields around the school must do. Especially in the dry season, this is a very unsanitary situation. The girls have long standing in line if they want to use the toilet and go often do not go to school if they are indisposed.
Our Foundation HCC builds 24 toilets and place a solar-powered water pump with a water tank of 7000 litres. This project is funded by Conclusion, Impulsis/Church in action and the municipality of Utrecht.


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