The children



Many children from our 11 villages do not attend school on a regular basis or do not go to school at all. These children work in the rice fields and households or they take care of the animals. They are desperate, do not go beyond their own village and are socially deprived. The girls often have to work at an early age in the textile factories or are married off.

Heavy past

Some children come from socially weak families and most have a difficult personal history. They are (semi) orphan. Often the parents died of AIDS (Cambodia has the highest percentage of Aids victims of Asia). Other children are rejected because the parents do not have the financial resources to care for them. Also child abuse and alcohol abuse by parents occur. Those children usually do not go to school at all, eat poorly, and receive no medical care. It is very important that these children go to school to build a future. Good and accessible education is an important tool in the fight against child labour.


These poor children are cared for by our foundation and accomodated with relatives or in our center. The children who stay with us in our center, are cared for in a familiar atmosphere and looked after by Mr. Phart and his wife who live at the site of the center.

A future

As for all children in the world, education is the key to their future success. Therefore we encourage the children to attend school and besides giving them attention and care, we give them a school uniform, notebooks and a bicycle. It is of great importance that all children go to school to build a future.

The children of Takeo
The children of Takeo
The children of Takeo
The children of Takeo
The children of Takeo
The children of Takeo


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