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In July 2006, Founder/President Carola Käller traveled with her two daughters, Brigitte and Laura to Cambodia. They came in contact with a Cambodian who had founded a children's home in Phnom Penh. At the sight of the little children they were deeply touched and they decided to keep in touch. From that time Carola stayed in contact and started giving advice and financial support.

Poverty in Takeo

A year later (2007) Carola and her daughters visited Cambodia again. This time they visited one of the poorest areas, the province of Takeo. Most of the people are illiterate and live below the poverty line. There was no electricity, no running water and no medical care.


Deeply shocked by the appalling conditions in which these people were living, they decided that a school was desperately needed and also a home for children that had lost their parents. In order to obtain the necessary financial resources and structural aid, Carola founded the Foundation "Hopeful Children Center"  in The Netherlands in January 2008. And a NGO (non government organization) was established in Cambodia and registered at the Ministry of Interior.

School in Takeo

Money was raised through funding, actions and donations from family and friends. On August 19th, 2008, Carola was able to open a new multi-purpose Center in Takeo. The cneter consisted of a school where English is taught to the children and of a home to a number of children that have lost their parents and now have a place to live and learn.

Juli 2007, eerste bezoek aan Takeo
Juli 2007, eerste bezoek aan Takeo
Juli 2007, eerste bezoek aan Takeo
Juli 2007, zo veel lieve arme kinderen
Juni 2008 school/tehuis in aanbouw
Juli 2008 school/ tehuis is gereed



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