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The Hopeful Children Centre

We are pleased to present you an introduction to our core activities.

Foundation Hopeful Children Center Cambodia focuses especially on:
• Education
• Employment
• Water and Sanitation
• Humanitarian aid

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Our aim

By providing good education and shelter we strive to give underprivileged Cambodian children a better future, thus increasing their chances to get a good job. With our help, they can break the vicious circle of poverty break.


Cambodia is one of the poorest developing countries in the world. Particilarly in rural areas, most of the population live well below the poverty line, receive inadequate education and suffer from poor health. Due to wars (Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge) and an unstable political situation, the Cambodian economy came to a halt. In 1979 the civil war, during which 2 million people died, ended and the economy of Cambodia was completely ruined. The population was permanently traumatized.


Foundation HCC contributes especially to achieve:

In 2000, leaders of 189 countries agreed to tackle before 2015 the world's major problems. Eight specific goals are laid down: the Millennium Development Goals.
Read more on the website NCDO Millennium goals

Our foundation in brief

• We are a small organization.
• We offer direct and structural aid.
• All donations go 100% directly to our projects.
Through funds, donations and practical support, we aim to give disadvantaged (orphaned) children a bright future.


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Our Foundation

Our Foundation in brief

  • We are a small-scale organization
  • We offer direct and structural aid
  • All donations go for 100% directly to our projects

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