Contribution from Lisette de Greef

Collegues and the people in Cambodia made happy

In April and May 2012 Lisette de Greef has collected almost $2000 through all kinds of different activities in her company Conclusion/Human Capital Group. Director Wilma van Vuuren has doubled the amount that Lisette had raised by organizing special evenings for her collegues. On top of this the company has donated $5000 for the construction of toilets in the high school.

Lisette has worked as a volunteer in our center for two months. The donated money is used to buy a cow, a water pump for our school, water filter pots, bicycles and school uniforms for poor children. Thanks to Lisette's enthusiasm and the donations of her generous collegues she has been able to help many poor people in our villages.

Contibution of Lisanne van der Hijden


Playground and water pumps

Lisanne van der Hijden has worked for four weeks as a volunteer at our school and home. By means of all different activities she has raised funds to build a playground and two waterpumps for the primary school in Podos. The children are all very happy with their new swings, monkey bars and seesaws, this projects has been a huge success.

On behalf of all the children a very big thank you for the wonderful donations that Lisanne's family, friends and the Rotary Club have contributed towards this project.



Contribution of Arno and Tijmen


Play area and children's playground

With the help of family and friends Arno and Tijmen have collected a fantastic amount of € 1478,- . In 4 weeks they have done a lot of work, such as giving computer lessons and installing a play area for our school. They also built a fantastic playground for the Sireydamnak primairy school in Angtraw villag. This school's location is in a very desolate area at the foot of a mountain and has 177 students. These children come from families of very por rice farmers spread out over the area. By placing this playground the school has become more than just a school, it is now a social meeting place for these children, now they can also acquire and practice their social skills.



Contribution LTC Vleuten-De Meern for Hopeful Children Center

In september 2012, for 10 days,the club Championship were held on the courts of LTC-Vleuten de Meern. The tournament was sponsored by the local entrepreneurs "Leidsche Rijn Adviesgroep" and "Desque Interieurconcepten". This tournement is for all players, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. During this year's tournament the Association raised money for the Hopeful Children Foundation Center (


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